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Principal Body Treatment

Prodotti Trattamento prioritario corpo

Smoothing Nutritious Body Cream-Scrub

Cosmetiques RioTerme

Thanks to its "buttery" composition and concentration of natural thermal salts, this product frees the skin from impurities and favours an improved revitalisation of the parts treated. The smoothing cream-scrub contains a compact mixture of thermal and vegetable extracts, made up of natural salts and jojoba, macadamia and oenothera oils. It gives the skin the pleasure of a bubble bath associated with the effectiveness of a deep cleansing treatment. Your skin will feel as soft as silk, invigorated and shiny.

It is suitable for all skin types, for delicate skins and for all women who wish to have a silky, smooth and deeply cleansed skin. Use two or three times a week if your skin is particularly rough, or else once a week regularly. We recommend it before exposure to the sun or UV sunlamps. Apply with the hollow of your hand, dampen the body and massage accurately with circular movements, then rinse. Do not use bubble bath after this treatment. (Some oil may be found on the surface of the product).

Moisturising Emulsion Body Treatment

Cosmetiques RioTerme

This is a soft emulsion which is intensely moisturising. Its scientifically advanced formula brings excellent hydration to fragile and dehydrated skins. The softening action of the natural vegetable extracts of bamboo, white lily, ginger and rice starch enables your skin to have extreme softness and protection.

The thermal extracts contribute to the re-creation of the skin's hydric balance, improving elasticity and tone. The light, soft and non-oily texture, characterised by a pleasant feeling of well-being, ensures freshness and vitality. It is recommended for dehydrated, fragile and sensitive skin types and for those who are seeking a treatment product for intense hydration and utmost softness. Use daily after bathing or showering, all over your body. It is ideal after exposure to the sun or UV sunlamps.

Gel For Legs - Strong Action

Cosmetiques RioTerme

Gel with soft and fresh texture, rich in thermal spring water and functional substances that are easily absorbed. This gel is a precious help for tired and overworked legs. An exclusive formula, rich in active principles, has been created to fight the problems linked with a prolonged standing position, heat, change of season and tight clothes. This gel contains menthol, extracts of witch hazel, mimosa and black blueberry, camphor, essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint and is enriched with thermal spring water. This fresh gel brings immediate relief that is intensified when the active principles become effective. The result is a prolonged sensation of relief with more vital, revitalised and firmer legs.

Apply a suitable amount of gel from ankles to groin and massage from bottom to top. This leg relaxing gel is a quick and effective answer to your need for vigour and lightness, can be used through tights.