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Face Basic Treatment

Prodotti Trattamento base

Basic Cleansing Emulsion

Cosmetiques RioTerme

A creamy and delicate emulsion for the face and neckline which, on contact with the skin, becomes a gentle cleansing milk. Its micro-emulsifying composition enables quick make-up removal, thus removing any trace of make-up or impurities. It ensures new vitality to the skin whilst respecting its sensitivity, thanks to the natural cleansing power of palm oil.

It is rich in vegetable extracts of horse-chestnut, yarrow and thermal spring water, which make your skin particularly moist and soft. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and for women who love the delicacy of a milk and the freshness of water at the same time. It can be used every day, morning and evening. Apply a suitable amount of the emulsion directly onto face and neckline, with a gentle and circular massage. Wipe off with a sponge.

Basic Re-Balancing Water

Cosmetiques RioTerme

Water for face and neckline treatment with a triple action: moisturising, splendour and vitality, thanks to its innovative formula. It is a special tonic lotion with a base of thermal spring water and vegetable extracts of horse chestnut, yarrow, and melilot, which enable greater efficiency of the treatment products, respecting the integrity of the skin and bringing the right level of moisture to the skin.

It has a delicate formula with no alcohol and performs a re-balancing action which refreshes, invigorates and completes make-up removal. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and dry. It can be used everyday, after cleansing, or when the skin is constantly dry because of sun, wind or cold. Moisten a cotton wool pad and pat the face and neckline lightly.

Basic Stimulating Scrubs

Cosmetiques RioTerme

The size-controlled particles of this scrub ensure deep-down elimination of all impurities and refine the skin. Thanks to its components from vegetable extracts of maca and myrtle, enriched with the natural mud of small thermal volcanoes and thermal spring water, the skin acquires softness and glow and becomes smoother in a few minutes.

It gives brightness to the complexion, since it acts as a really active cleanser for dull, weary and marked skin types with obvious impurities. Use it once or twice a week on the face and neckline. After cleansing, apply the product to wet fingertips and massage face and neck with circular movements for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.